Tuesday, November 29, 2011

our heart feeling you won't know....

직계 가족
때로는 상대편 / 적을 수 있습니다 .. 당신은 다음 번에에게 비하 시작 우리집을 기억하고 당신은 내 사람 내가 당신을 소리 불평? 작은 생각이 단지 비하뿐입니다 ... 당신은 그 당시 내 어머니를 다치게하는 방법 난 그냥 입 닥치고있어? 그녀는 내가 그녀의 딸이있어 네 동생이야 .. 그리고 난 절대 내 가족에 대해서 말을 시작 누가 보호할 것입니다!

Monday, November 14, 2011

mampus kau!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

must be the better one....

she just make me cried today when she asked about my study...
yess i'm quit from my ACCA officially because i do really can't cope with it...
totally frustrated about it...myself parents even my boss frustrated about this but i'm the one who studied about it and i do really know where my level is...

randomly discussed with abah to continue in local uni, he fully support me no matter what... hahahaha ST totally shocked about it, i just thot wanna tell her one day but she suddenly asked me today..tak pasal2 menangis tadi!! arghtttttttttt!!! mak tak dapat tahan okkk T___T

she support me as well siap ckp kita discuss about it and if nk full time boleh quit for study but "make sure quit not for another job...good staff we won't let go easily" <---- kinda what!!! o_O" hint tak kasi benti dulu la niii....aishhh ni kalau full time study! but if part time we still need to discuss about my schedule working hour and study hour... -__-"

kan best if TEG ni provide education part time to their own staff *sigh*
takut tak dapat any income lettew..hehehehe but insyaAllah i do believe i can do it :)
be strong fau...org cakap apa pun just close your ears, masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri..i know what the best for myself kan....lagi2 mulut makcik2 ni mmg perit sikit dengar nye..typical minded *duhhh*

당신은 할 수!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

reading is for knowledge

hey there!!! i just wanna share something that i have a new hobby now days ^_^
i LOVE READING!!! yeah i love to read now...membaca adalah benda yg paling aku tak suka but lately i love to read ^^

currently tgh layan novel nih!! layan gilaaaa~!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bull Shitto....

Workshop training workshop training....
SUCH A BULLSHIT!!!! famous quote will be "What's your outcome?" <---- MORE BULLSHIT!!
5 months have no new entry...because I'm so damn busy and this BULLSHIT THINGY almost every month they want to have it...!!!

Please laa don't ask that such thing as OUTCOME heyyyy sales pun makin kurang!!! sampai kena dragged org lain buat COUNSELING!!! eh vaviiiii nyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
kan dah ada counselor and marketing team and teachers so knp org lain pun kena dragged counseling!!

tak lama dah aku kat sini...enough!!! i even don't have my own sweet rest! even baru masuk bercuti pun dah kena fikir pasal keje...hmmm silap silap TENGAH HOLIDAY DOK FIKIRKAN KERJA...APA CER??? @_@

haaa itu sbb malas nk update blog...kang maki hamun je ada dlm entry..to readers I'm soo sorry there is lots of cursing in my entry bcoz this is how i throw my anger.

hehehhe peace and SELAMAT HARI RAYA ^_^

Friday, April 8, 2011

sang pan-asian....

can you feel my heartbeat?? beat beat...bahahahahaha
naaa, u can't feel it...it's only me can feel it and even u can't hear how fast my heartbeat run when i saw you or when u standing just in front of me...geezz~ crazy fau.. u totally crazy!!

dang! my ears even turned into red and i can feel it's burning too...Am I shy coz i like you?
ohh noooooo!!!! wake up fau wake up!! *piyakk*

butterflies in my stomach >.<

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Go Away April Come here June

arghttttt~ please month of April please.. I begging you please finish early I'm so tired now...
the season of audit is totally painful, tired, stress and etc....ahahaha

my colleagues said "Dah tak serupa org dah Fau nih" hmmm if tak rupa org dah rupa sape? Kak Limah ke??
ahahahahhaha serabai aku....

ok laaa absenteeism dah setebal kamus dewan nk key in nih...grrrr~ serabut!